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Who Is Migros?


Migros is the largest supermarket chain in Switzerland, the biggest retailer in the country, and one of the forty largest retailers in the world. It is structured in the form of a cooperative society (the Federation of Migros Cooperatives). And it has over two million members.
They offer over 12,000 products among a wide range of categories that include food, clothing, baby products, household, and cosmetics.

The Challenge


When it comes to cooking, people often get lost. They go to the supermarket and they don’t know what to buy. In these situations, Migros wanted to provide help by suggesting cooking ideas and showing complimentary products. They also wanted to inform about nutritional facts, and guide shoppers through the whole shopping experience. The aim was to improve product discovery and provide a unique customer experience.

A Food Scanner App


Migros integrated Catchoom’s Cloud Image Recognition to their food scanner app ‘Discover’ to let shoppers point their phones at packaged products and recognize more than 10,000 items. The scans direct to valuable information, cooking ideas from a database of 4,000 recipes and nutritional facts or reviews. ‘Discover’ had a media reach of 5.2M in a country with 8.2M inhabitants, with over 500,000 products scanned the first week.