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What Is Mymuesli?


German company mymuesli was the first company in the world to offer 100% personalized muesli mixes for shoppers who make no compromises when it comes to food choices.
If you only pick 5 out of the 80 organic ingredients, that’s still more than
24,000,000 potential product combinations. Mind-blowing, huh?

The Challenge


mymuesli offered an app to let muesli lovers personalize and buy products online. However, they wanted to make the mixing experience feel more ‘real’, as if you were picking and adding ingredients by hand.
They also wanted to find a
mobile experience solution that can work across channels, from stores to outdoor media to product packaging.

The Solution


With Catchoom’s Image Recognition tech, mymuesli added a product scan feature to their app. Shoppers can scan graphic icons representing ingredients using their phone’s camera and add them to their muesli mix.
This has helped created a
cross-channel experience, with scannable ‘ingredient walls’ at their stores and the possibility to scan product packages at home.