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A Mini Printer for Mobile Devices


Prynt is an innovative company offering instant pocket printers for mobile devices. The printer can instantly print any picture from the user’s smartphone gallery or social media using thermal printing, which eliminates the need for buying ink, as it is already included in the printing paper. It also comes with an app that the company designed to bring pictures to life using AR.

How To Bring Pictures To Life


We all remember how Harry Potter movies showed newspapers and album photos with moving characters.
Prynt had designed a mini printer that was able to print pictures out of a mobile device. However, they wanted to make the experience even more innovative and create an added value for the user. That is why the printer comes with a unique app.

The Solution


Integrating Catchoom’s Image Recognition and AR tech, Prynt app lets its users hover their phones’ camera over the recently printed pictures, and bring pictures to life thanks to Augmented Reality.
The project became a really successful campaign and
raised $1.6M. Just download the case study to see how they made it possible.