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IR for Publishers & Brands


Tap2C’s works with most publishers on the Polish market. Their slogan sums up their core mission: ‘See more!’ With the help of their mobile app, users can scan magazines, books, ads, posters, brochures, product packs and all other things printed, to enjoy interactive print and product experiences, shop, play and discover.

The Challenge


The aim is to help retailers increase m-commerce sales and better monetize print content, while improving and extending the reader’s experience. For example, a magazine readers can scan an advertorial with fashion apparel they like. The app leads her to a product purchase page where she can order the item right away.

The Solution


Tap2C uses our Image Recognition technology in their native mobile apps to recognize the print images. The RESTful Cloud Image Recognition API allows the app to communicate with the servers and return instant responses, even on such a large database with more than 100,000 images.