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What Is Wine Recognition?


Kasual Business-owned Winewoo creators dreamed big: they wanted to create the largest existing wine labels database, covering 80% of the French wine market. That means over 200,000 varieties of wine! Their goal? Provide customers with quality French wine and wine recognition to help them find out more information about the brands and get familiar with wine nuances while on the go.

Becoming Wine Connoisseurs


Winewoo is a Shazam-like experience to discover and purchase wine. Using our Image Recognition software, Winewoo allows users to scan a wine label to view tasting notes, grape variety, history, food and wine matches, prices and to share what they’re drinking in social media. Not only this provides better knowledge to wine amateurs, but also it helps engage younger generations in the wine culture.

The Solution


Catchoom’s award-winning Image Recognition software is specifically designed to recognize cylindrical objects like bottles or cans, so it’s a perfect choice for apps in the Food & Beverages industry. Thanks to the massive scalability of our Enterprise Image Recognition solution, Winewoo was able to integrate more than 200,000 varieties in their database, without sacrificing the speed or accuracy.