Uvinum adds scan-to-shop feature to their website to guide wine shoppers: no app needed!




Uvinum is an international marketplace where you can buy wine, beer, spirits, gourmet products and accessories at the best prices and with social recommendations.

It offers the largest catalog of products in Europe, with over 90,000 items on sale, and holds the Best Online Wine Retailer 2016 award, with more than 100,000 satisfied customers.



Helping wine-lovers to find the right wine for any occasion and circumstance was Uvinum’s main goal from the very first moment.

Yet, in order to optimize their customer satisfaction, they wanted to provide a mobile experience that allowed them to serve their users was before, during or after buying or simply consuming a product, in the most instant and seamless way possible.



Uvinum integrated our CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition Javascript Library in their mobile website, allowing users to scan any bottle label to access product descriptions, recommendations, reviews and more, in the blink of an eye, and without even having to download the app!




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