How Can Visual Search Help Online Bookstores?

Triggering digital experiences from books

Some time ago, experts thought the end of printed books was near. Over time, we’ve seen how e-books have not exactly penetrated into the market as expected. Although they had some success, they didn’t exactly take over the publishing industry.


However, consumers demand more interactive experiences. Therefore, it is time for traditional publishing houses to adapt and provide unique experiences to potential readers.


An example is visual search for books. By connecting book covers with digital content using image recognition, they can help readers access different sorts of content. For example, videos of the author, that will help readers better understand the book and the author’s intentions. Also, this will generate higher engagement and interactions between the consumers and the publishing house.

Discover how can visual search help online bookstores and publishers

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Did you know that…

  • almost 56% of readers head online to buy books?
  • 50% of book buyers that shop online, they do it for higher convenience?
  • 35% of readers appreciate the improved choice on offer they find online?
  • global shoppers looking at books are among the most likely to research and purchase via an online channel?

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