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Adding a Product Scanner
to Your Web


Catchoom’s Cloud Image Recognition Library provides a product scanner that allows brands and retailers to connect their physical products with their online shop without having to develop and/or download an app. Users can scan products straight from the company’s mobile website and access a whole world of digital content, promotions, and special offers, the same way they could with a product recognition native app.

Customer Behavior Regarding Retail Apps 


We all know not all consumers are willing to download supermarkets/brands apps, as they sometimes don’t use them enough to justify the process of download. Therefore, web-based image recognition can make a difference. Our high-performance solution guarantees a smooth operation of the functionality. Just integrate it into your website, and users will be able to know more about products in a snap!

All You Need to Know About Image Recognition On Web


This fact sheet will cover the use of a product scanner through visual search and how Catchoom works with the online wine marketplace, Uvinum, that helps users become wine connoisseurs and choose the perfect wine with their wine scan functionality.
Download the fact sheet now to find out more about what Image Recognition can do for online marketplaces like Uvinum.