The Physical-Digital Gap


In an increasingly visual world, images are more important than anything. And when it comes to online shopping, where we lack the sense of touch, it is extremely important images are faithful to reality and they really show how a product actually is in real life. Let’s not forget that 22% of returns are actually due to the product looking different than in pictures. So it is of utmost importance to be aware of which kind of visual content we display on our selling channels and make sure it is of the highest quality.

Visual Content


Therefore, we’ve analyzed for you the impact images have on consumers and how they can affect their purchase behaviors and decisions. Use the information to make your own conclusions on whether images are worth taking care of.
Download our new infographics to discover how product image quality impacts users regarding the overall eCommerce experience and what you can do to streamline visual content optimization and quality assurance..

Image Quality Matters


Research doesn’t lie. It has been proven that image quality has a huge impact on customers decisions when buying online. Did you know…

  • that 75% of consumers rely on product images to decide whether to purchase an item?
  • that humans retain 80% of images compared to only 20% of text?

Discover how to leverage visual content to wow consumers in a fast and simple way