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ROI of Image Recognition


Do you work in the Healthcare industry or other sector managing large stock volumes? Are you responsible for an internal process that involves manual intervention that is ripe for automation? Do you use barcode systems or QR codes for stock orders? If you answered yes to any of the above, our whitepaper about how to calculate the ROI for image recognition in Pharma & Healthcare would be of help to you.

Innovating With New Tech


With all industries evolving and integrating new technologies, it is clear that changing internal processes to make operations smoother is key for any business, pharmaceutical companies included. Key players in the industry have already started to improve operations with emerging tech and software solutions to make their employee’s life easier and facilitate consumer-brand interaction and trust.

Calculating your ROI


Read this whitepaper based on a leading healthcare provider’s investment in Image Recognition technology and learn how to:


  • Save up to 67%of process-related manual effort.
  • Obtain up to 68% ROI within one year.
  • Adapt our model for your own proposal with our ROI Calculator tool.