Proving ROI Of Product Tagging Based on AI

Do you know what would be the ROI of product tagging if you chose Catchoom’s AI solution?

In the current digital world, many solutions using AI have arisen. They claim to improve operations, but they also have a cost. So, how do you know it is worth investing in AI solutions? How can you be sure they will provide good value for money?


At Catchoom we have developed our solutions to help eCommerce merchandisers and online teams tag products faster and get their product range to market at a higher speed while also reducing translation costs. But don’t take our word for it, just look at the numbers!


Download our free new infographic and you will discover how high is the ROI of product tagging through AI. See how implementing our AI product tagging tool will impact your fashion eCommerce sales and translate into savings before you decide to engage in conversations.


Were you aware that…

  • that automated product tagging can reduce annotation times by 90%?
  • that enriching your product data through AI leads to translation savings and higher revenue?

Get relevant facts on the return on investment of AI content enrichment by downloading our infographic now!