A Guide To Visual Shopping Solutions For Retailers

Images Are The New Essential

Retail is facing major challenges in the current days. Transformation is the new normal, and continuously adapting to new trends can be exhausting. But it is definitely a must.

However, one of the main trends that are here to stay are the use of images to communicate everything. In a world where businesses is partly shifting to the online landscape, images gain importance and become an essential part of every customer and purchase journey.

From image search to snap-to-shop or augmented reality experiences, it is all about image.

The Latest Tech for Retail Challenges

Seeing the current landscape, we’ve gathered in this white paper the biggest retail challenges and how to face them. For that purpose, we have listed down visual shopping solutions to problems for physical stores, eCommerce and omnichannel businesses alike.

Learn how our Visual Search and AI-powered solutions powered by image recognition and computer vision can improve your customer experience and face challenges such as:

  • Drop in footfall for brick-and-mortar stores
  • Showrooming
  • Limited storage space
  • Webrooming
  • Lack of relevancy and failed search
  • Lack of connectivity between platforms
  • Unknow effect of online assets

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