Create Your Product Scanner App Using Visual Search

Visual Recognition for the Supermarket Experience of the Future

Catchoom’s visual search can recognize products in less than a second. This allows retail apps to become smart shopping assistants with a product scan functionality that turn each product into an interactive customer touchpoint.

The way consumers shop for household and food products is rapidly changing. Although the number of consumers that go grocery shopping online is not still massive, most of consumers use their smartphones in the supermarket to know more about products.

More and more consumers demanding new interactive experiences to learn more from products and be well-informed before proceeding to purchases. Therefore, visual search comes as a natural feature for the supermarket apps of the future.

A Product Scanner App for Unique Shopping Experiences

By adding image recognition technology to their app, Migros allowed customers to scan a product package in-store, at home, or from the Migros magazine to access a full range of:

  • nutritional and product information,
  • reviews and recommendations from other shoppers,
  • recipes and cooking ideas…

Image Recognition can also let your customers reorder products they ran out from. It is the perfect feature to make it easier for them to refill their food provisions.

Download the factsheet to find out how Migros turned their app into a shopping assistant, transforming the whole shopping experience.