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A Shopping Event


For one night in June and around Christmas, two shopping establishments in the west end of Barcelona opened their doors outside of normal opening hours, from 8 pm to 1 am, to offer consumers an exceptional, festive shopping experience where consumers could use their smartphones to interact with the environment by scanning signage, banners, and storefronts to get amazing deals.

How to Drive Foot Traffic


Crossbow and Hills wanted to optimize the app they had developed for the Shopping Night Barcelona in order to increase in-store traffic and boost customer engagement, making the shopping experience easy and fun in a less popular area than the city-center editions of this event. In a retail space increasingly dominated by digital experiences, this would bring more footfall to physical stores and generate excitement. 

An App to Scan for Discounts


Catchoom’s Image Recognition technology built into the app enabled shoppers to seamlessly interact with the shopping center environment and stores by simply scanning banners, front stores, and different signage. This took thousands of users to the point-of-sale, as they were able to access special offers and discounts while enjoying a unique experience. This lead to registering approximately 30,000 scans on the opening night.