Image Recognition

Transform everyday objects with fast, accurate image recognition

What can you do with image recognition?

Image recognition opens the door to thousands of ways users can interact with brands – simply by capturing images with their smartphones. Build apps that activate product demos on items users find in stores. Let users directly click to buy items they see in ads and magazines.
You can even create an app that scans a social feed to tally how many times a particular image or brand appears. Catchoom’s flexible, high-performing, easy-to-use image recognition technology inspires new ways to interact with the physical world – every day.


Catchoom – benchmarked as the highest performing image recognition

There’s a reason why Catchoom’s technology is behind more than 750 million matches since 2012.
Customers count on Catchoom for accuracy, speed, intuitiveness and flexibility.


Real-world tested

Our image recognition tests are performed in real world environments – so our technology knows how to handle difficult angles, blurry images, low light conditions and reflections.


Built for usability

Catchoom was built to give users an easy, seamless image recognition experience – with no knowledge of the backend required. They just keep snapping photos like they always do.


Fast, accurate, reliable

An independent benchmark study using images taken by real users rated Catchoom 20% higher on image recognition than its competitors – with a response time of under 0.5 seconds.


Scalable and robust

Our image recognition software is designed to deliver outstanding performance on any-sized image database – works just as well on databases loaded with millions of images.