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What is Phoodi?


PhooDi is a new mobile app for Android and iOS that let’s you scan products on supermarkets. We can say that it is the ‘Swiss army knife’ of food scanner apps.It is not only versatile but also quite practical. Depending on the product, upon recognition, the customer will be granted access to nutritional information, receive shopping suggestions based on their personal profile or get discount vouchers.

Accessing Product Information


The challenge they had to solve for this product scanner app was to simplify the way customers can scan products and make the experience more seamless. For instance, in order to retrieve nutritional information, discounts, suggestions and even purchase groceries on their phone, users would not need to struggle with tiny barcodes or look for QR codes on the pack, but instead they can scan the whole package of the product.



Thanks to Catchoom’s On-Device Image Recognition capabilities, PhooDi can recognize and match images by just pointing the device at the package, even without internet connection. Our tech does all the magic by enabling visual search within PhooDi’s catalog. This way, customers don’t have to worry about mobile data or a weak signal at a big supermarket. It is also boosts grocery m-commerce by enabling scan-to-shop.