Similar Products For Fashion Ecommerce

Discover how relevant recommendations in your online store will increase conversions. Our precise Artificial Intelligence solution will automatically find visually similar products from your catalog, considering even the most fine-grained details.

Increase conversion suggesting similar items

Web widget for your store

Adapts to your look and feel

Built to support high traffic

Bring your fashion eCommerce to the next level

Suggest similar items in just one click

Easily embed our similar product suggestion widget in your eCommerce.

Relevant fashion items for a better fit

Highly relevant product recommendations thanks to the most detailed solution in the market.

Adapts to your merchandising preferences

Focus on the details that matter the most

Parameterized recommendations to give more weight to specific attributes when returning suggested products. For example, pattern may be favored over color.

Adapt suggestions to your strategy

Introducing business rules such as sorting products by price to boost upselling, or feature selected products.

Connecting to your stock management system

Relevant alternatives to out-of-stock items can be suggested and product suggestions can be automatically replaced based on availability.

Tracking conversion and performance of the recommendations

You’ll be able to measure how visitors of your online store interact with the suggested products and how recommendations convert into revenue.

Integrate directly with your eCommerce product feed


Our know-how will allow us to fetch product feed changes in catalogs of all sizes, even millions of items.


We will be able to plug our API into your product feed in order to automatically process SKUs at specific time frames.