Improving the Way We Manage Information


Product information is key for conversions, purchase value, SEO and much more. However, correctly managing product data can be challenging. You might not have a large workforce to create all the data for you and to manage and update product details in the different selling platforms. If that is the case, you might be risking mistakes such as inconsistent data, missing details, and so on.

An Essential Element in Customer Experience


With digital transformation and pure players on the landscape, it has become essential to offer the best online product experience to your customers. And as 89% of customers consider product information essential for a purchase, the time has come to adopt a smart product information strategy. In our free new infographics, we show how efficient management of product information can help your online business.

How to Efficiently Manage Product Data with a PIM


From boosting your eCommerce sales, to reducing time-to-market, increasing conversion and even strengthening brand trust.
Did you know…

  • that product descriptions are the most desired type of information?
  • how important it is product data when choosing whether to buy an item?