Similar Product Recommendations


Product recommendations are one of the most sought after functionalities in eCommerce. In brick-and-mortar stores, shop assistants could help potential clients find products from the shop that would fit their needs. Online shopping has required a new way of recommending products to customers in a more automated way.

Boosting Sales Using Upselling Techniques


This strategy is already responsible for a large portion of the current online retail sales.
Optimising online product merchandising and suggesting relevant items to customers has become a must for online retailers, who have started adopting different solutions based on consumer behavior, or physicial appeareance of the items, among others.

Some interesting facts


  Did you know that…?

  • mobile searches for “similar to” have grown by 60% in the past two years?
  • 70% of sites require visitors to search using the exact terminology used by the website?
  • 60% of U.S consumers agreed that they want a more personalized shopping experience?
  • consumers are 80% more willing to engage with content that includes relevant images?