Catchoom ranked as one of the Top 10 AI Solution Providers of 2018

AI Solution Providers


Retail CIO Outlook Magazine has recently ranked Catchoom as one of the Top 10 AI Solution Providers 2018.

As a print magazine and online website specialized in retail tech, Retail CIO Outlook provides insights and relevant information to chief information officers. Their topics usually include new technology developments for the retail industry.    

Therefore, the magazine gathered retail tech experts to choose the Top 10 AI Solution Providers.  These include companies that have proved their performance and know-how in delivering Artificial Intelligence solutions to retailers.


New challenges and digital transformation in retail

There are increasing demands from customers. From the need for personalization and improvement of customer’s journey, to the will to optimise retail activities, retailers need to adapt to the digital transformation, Therefore, retailers are increasingly looking for AI developments. These are aimed at helping their companies improve their operations, from supply networks to conversion rates in ecommerce.

AI is already starting to make its way into the industry. Some solutions provide  accurate predictions and descriptions that help eCommerces reduce costs and save time. IDC actually predicts that 40% of digital transformation activities will include machine learning technologies and AI features. These features will be able to provide new accurate data in real time to retailers.


Catchoom’s fashion-specific AI solution

In this landscape, Catchoom’s Deep Products technology uses AI to provide better product descriptions. It automates product annotation and catalog management processes. The fashion-specific solution avoids human errors and allows custom fields for higher customization. It can be adapted to provide the product descriptions in the eCommerce or marketplace specific taxonomy (tone of voice).

Moreover, product attributes and categorization resulting from image tagging are 2 to 3 times richer and more accurate than most solutions.

Catchoom’s image tagging tool, which is already helping companies such as Privalia, also increases product visibility by boosting search engine optimisation. Image recognition reduces time spent on product annotation. Therefore, the time saved can be devoted to other relevant activities and tasks.


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