CraftAR Pro SDK

Our All-in-one SDK with
cloud and on-device image recognition and augmented reality

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CraftAR Pro SDK

Augmented Reality + Image Recognition
in a single SDK


Our all-in-one SDK features all the advantages of our SDKs

450+ million recognitions in your pocket

Our image recognition software has matched over 450 million images in the past few years alone! Power your app or website with Catchoom engine’s 98% accuracy, robustness, and speed.

The CraftAR Pro SDK takes the advantage of the Cloud Image Recognition SDK for very large collections and the On-Device Image Recognition SDK for offline scanning.

Augmented Reality experiences render automagically

Put videos, buttons and 3D models in your app – without the hassle – the CraftAR Pro SDK integrates Catchoom’s flexible, easy-to-implement Augmented Reality SDK.

The tracking technology inside the SDK is capable of aligning planar objects with your AR content, regardless of camera angle or distance to the object.

Customers love our SDK’s video playback – with perfect audio synchronization – key to rendering seamless augmented experiences.

Works online and offline

The CraftAR Pro SDK can run offline, with no cloud support necessary, but also access cloud when needed. Your apps run just as fast whether they are online, connected to a weak network, or with no coverage at all. You can embed all the assets to run on-device, or access the cloud when the database is really large or updated very frequently.

The CraftAR Pro SDK also features our automatic synchronization of assets between the cloud Content Management System and your app. Any update in your collection will be sync’ed to the device upon request.

Unlimited apps for $4390

The one-time plan add-on allows you to create unlimited apps and publish them in your preferred app store.

If you already have the On-Device Image Recognition add-on or the Augmented Reality add-on, you can upgrade for only the difference, saving big time!

All SDKs are free to download and use for development. Check out our pricing for more details about add-ons for published apps.

Available on multiple native platforms

Cloud iOS Image Recognition SDK

Docs: iOS CraftAR Pro SDK

Download iOS SDK

Cloud Android Image Recognition SDK

Docs: Android CraftAR Pro SDK

Download Android SDK