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Mobile SDKs & Libraries

We provide two APIs to connect to the CraftAR service in the cloud.

The Management API allows you to upload content in a batch or connect your backend service directly and inject new content or update existing one when you need to.

The Image Recognition API provides access to our recognition capabilities so you can build your own client software.

We provide PHP and Python libraries for both APIs. Thanks to our customers, we also have implementations of both APIs for .NET, and the Management API for Ruby. All our mobile SDKs implement the Image Recognition API.


We use a particular terminology throughout our documentation, APIs and SDKs.

We provide easy-to-use SDKs to connect your branded mobile application with the CraftAR Service.

The Augmented Reality SDK adds rendering and tracking capabilities that provide full-blown augmented experiences inside your app. In enables both embedded experiences or loading them through the Image Recognition API once an object is recognized.

The On-Device Image Recognition SDK allows you to add Image Recognition capabilities embedded into your app, without any need for Internet connectivity.

The Cloud Image Recognition SDK allows you to add Image Recognition capabilities to your app through the CraftAR Cloud Image Recogntion API.

The CraftAR Pro SDK combines our Augmented Reality, On-Device and Cloud Image Recognition capabilities into one single SDK to create apps that can work with large collections of objects and even without Internet connection.

Take a look at the Comparison of CraftAR SDKs and Plugins for more information.

Augmented Reality
On Device Image Recognition
Cloud Image Recognition