CraftAR Enterprise
On-Premise Image Recognition Software

Get our Image Recognition engine inside your own servers.
Get freedom for your business.

Image recognition software running on client servers

CraftAR Enterprise is a flexible on-premise image recognition technology that allows you
to seamlessly integrate with your existing CMS, billing functionality, and marketing tools to create Amazon-sized image recognition platforms.



Fully customizable – configure its modular library to handle spikes, flat traffic or any interaction pattern you anticipate.



Monitor and optimize the speed and the accuracy of search requests in real-time.



All images, logs, queries and matches stay on your own servers – build apps that require compliance with strict privacy policies.



Catchoom powers the largest IR platforms – with absolutely no limits on the amount of images, scans or traffic.



Accurate results on millions of images in 0.5 seconds. No sharing, no delays – just your own IR solution, on your own servers.


Easy to deploy

Set up your server environment and access the default IR web service on any Linux machine in minutes.

Compatible with the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK

The solution is fully compatible with the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK and lets you
combine server-side image recognition capability with state-of-the-art mobile augmented reality.

Now you can combine the power of a personalized, scalable and integrated on-premise image recognition solution with the advantages of the CraftAR toolbox set.

As a CraftAR Enterprise client, you can embed the augmented reality functionality into your apps with the help of our CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK while storing all your reference images and markers on your own server.


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