12 Top Product Scanner Apps

Product scanner apps have played a major role in m-commerce during the last few years. They allow users to engage and interact with products, catalogs, print ads or in-store signage seamlessly, providing them with valuable content and experiences in milliseconds, with no need for QR codes or special print markers.

Retailers are increasingly realising the benefits of scan-to-shop apps and integrating Image Recognition technologies in their branded apps.

Recent studies say that 69% of smartphone owners turn to mobile search first in a moment of need. They use them to assist in shopping, because it saves them time, money and makes life easier.

Product scanner apps reduce the number of clicks towards the actual purchase or the search result, and let users run price or product comparisons to make more educated purchases, which is why they are rapidly becoming a standard offering for many brands.


In a previous post, we talked about how searching products through images is transforming shopping and listed a bunch of features such apps can include, from personalized discounts to video tutorials to product visualization options.

For this piece, we have compiled our favourite 12 product scanner apps by category. We only focus on solutions that let users allow the package itself for a frictionless experience, not barcodes or QR codes.


Grocery Scanners

1. Ben & Jerry’s



Ben & Jerry’s Scoop of Happiness app was one of the first consumer applications to use Augmented Reality product scanning. Users could scan a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Milk & Cookies ice creams and see the Manhattan skyscrapers, cocoa farmers or flying chickens appear on their phones, depending on the flavour scanned.

You could also click on them to find out the story behind them —focussing on Ben & Jerry’s brand values such as locally sourced sustainable ingredients etc.— and then share it on social media.

2. Tesco


Agency Engine Creative developed an app for UK’s biggest retailer, Tesco. With Tesco Discover, shoppers can scan product labels, magazines and in-store POS and find out more about the products, interact with editorial pieces and  in-store experiences.

In addition, the app features AR content such as gamified family friendly entertainment for Big Night In products.

3. PhooDi


This app was developed as part of a collaboration between Catchoom and BarcelonaTech. PhooDi allows customers to scan food products on their phones, accessing nutritional information, enjoying instant discounts and suggestions, and even buy groceries straight away, without having to look for barcodes or QR codes.

Find out more about PhooDi by downloading our case study


Wine and Alcoholic Beverages

4. Uvinum



The Uvinum app gives you access to the largest catalog of wine, beer, distillates, gourmet products and accessories at the best prices, in the palm of your hand. It lets users scan the label of any wine to access information such as price and reviews.

It also lets you find users with similar interests and see their recommendations, favorite products and tips about wine by completing your Uvinum profile.

5. Vivino



Similar to the previous, with a database of 5 million bottles of wine, Vivino is a wine scanner app trusted by 23 million users worldwide. Users can scan a bottle of wine and retrieve price and ratings.

It automatically tracks and organizes your scans and ratings and creates a chart that showcases your taste and experiences, so you can compare it against the Vivino community.

6. Palate Wizards



Palate Wizards helps you find the perfect wine, beer or spirit from your chosen retailer. It lets users scan a bottle to discover more about it, including cocktail recipes, ratings and reviews. The app also allows users to order drinks and even the ingredients in the recipes to then pick up from the selected retailer when it’s ready.

7. Gloop!


This concept was created as part of a collaboration between a group of students from BarcelonaTech and Catchoom, similar to PhooDi. Gloop! is a gamified beer scanner app.

It provides information about brands when you scan the label, supporting product discovery and helping users earn points to redeem rewards, making the experience fun and engaging.


Fashion and Retail

8. Nordstrom



With the Nordstrom app, users can scan items directly from the catalog and purchase them straight away. You can also snap photos of things you like through the app’s camera feature to view similar items available in the store, get notifications about orders or items in the shopping basket, as well as receiving personalized Fashion recommendations inspired by your style.

9. Desigual



The latest Desigual app of Desigual allows customers to scan the entire catalog, from women to kids to home decor, to access surprising content and purchase straight away. It also includes offers and exclusive promotions, locate items in nearby stores and share looks with Facebook and Twitter friends.


Beauty and Healthcare

10. Almirall FOTOFarma


app_almirall_1.pngThe international pharmaceutical company, Almirall, used Catchoom’s Image Recognition technology to develop a mobile app that offers real-time solutions to patients in an innovative way. It provides additional details about their products when scanning the package, such as patient advice, educational videos, instructions, a digital booklet and more.

Read the case study about Almirall FOTOFarma.

11. Teach Me Makeup



Makeup Forever links products and how-to’s in one scan with their Teach Me Makeup app. Users simply need to scan a Makeup Forever product and the app will pull out relevant tutorials that can easily be saved on a playlist and shared in social media. Besides tutorials, the app also provides extra content about the products and includes a store locator to guide users to the nearest retailers, as well as an online shop with 50 of their top selling items.

12. Plandent



Plandent is the most important dental supplier in Europe. Integrating Catchoom’s Image Recognition technology, they developed an app to help dentists and dental professionals. Users just need to point at a product package they are running out of to order it straight away, with no hassle at all.

Find out more about Plandent.