NRF Retail’s BIG Show 2017: Meet Catchoom In New York City

In a few days we will be flying to New York City to attend the NRF BIG Show. This four day event that is happening January 15-17 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, is expected to deliver insightful “Innovations, Connections and Solutions”, which is why we could not miss it.

2016 was a big year for Augmented Reality and our mission in this flagship industry event will be to demonstrate what Image Recognition and AR tech can do for retail companies.

Our technology has the power to transform how people shop, so no organization should ignore the possibilities it can offer. We will be at booth number 4202, in the EXPO area, so if you are curious (which you should be) about how Catchoom can improve your brand’s shopping experiences, visit us to see a demo our solutions.

What can Image Recognition and Augmented Reality do for Retailers?

Some have already started to adopt this innovative tech with success, while others are still in need of solid ideas on how to implement AR and Image Recognition, as it is after all a pretty new concept. But don’t worry ‒ that’s what we’re there for!

Consumers today are all about the “experience”. Image Recognition offers a way of engaging in meaningful experiences with customers by interacting with everyday objects, made possible in today’s smartphone generation. Recent studies reveal that 83% of people use their phones in stores and 61% would rather shop at stores with AR than without it, which clearly calls for retailers to start tapping this opportunity.



Some of the many benefits of creating a branded mobile app with our white-label Image Recognition and AR tech are:

  • Educating shoppers: you can lead your customers to how-to-use videos and tutorials, product information, reviews and recommendations, by simply scanning the product package.
  • Enabling scan-to-shop: take users straight to the purchase page of a product after seeing an advertisement, a store banner, a catalog, or the package itself.
  • Monetizing advertising and promotional campaigns: make your campaigns interactive by connecting print assets to digital content or online purchase pages and get access to all sorts of analytics that will help you track your marketing efforts better.
  • Driving footfall to stores: take advantage of the fact that over 92% of retail spending still occurs in physical stores, and create exciting in-store exclusive experiences such as gamified encounters with reward systems or product visualization options that use AR to show different colors and/or styles.

For more specific use cases and real-life examples about how to successfully deploy AR and Image Recognition in stores, take a look at our infographic on ‘What kind of New Mobile Experiences Shoppers Want to See in Stores’.

Visit the Catchoom booth at NRF BIG Show


Catchoom’s super fast and accurate technology offers an opportunity for retailers to create rich and relevant experiences in the all the different touchpoints (ads, catalogs, street banners, stores…) of the shopping process.

If you want to find out how to provide innovative and competitive mobile and marketing services, stop by booth 4202 to discover our complete CraftAR “toolbox”. We will show you apps done by our customers and have a chat about the best practices for your industry.

See you in New York City!