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Our Enterprise On-Premise Product Datasheet

Components of Craftar On-Premise Image Recognition

Image Recognition Web Service

Easy-to-deploy web service with high availability, enabling Image Recognition in the cloud via a simple REST API.

CWS allows you to set up your server environment and access the default Image Recognition web service on a Linux machine in minutes.

CWS is built on top of the Image Recognition Engine software library.

Image Recognition Engine

Highly optimized software library for Linux, capable of reliable recognition of objects by efficiently comparing images representing unknown scenes (query images) with very large collections of images representing known objects (reference images).

When used as an independent component, CRE can be used as a Python module, or included in your own C/C++ projects.

Compatible client-side components & mobile SDKs


Cloud Image Recognition SDK

Ensures optimal quality of captured query images (balancing quality and file size) and takes care of the communication with CWS via the REST API.

JavaScript Image Recognition Library

Allows you to perform Image Recognition directly from an Internet browser. It also supports image recognition via most of the common mobile browsers available in the market.

Deploy image recognition in a convenient and flexible way

Our image recognition software enables easy integration and makes use of cost-effective server infrastructure.



Pick the most convenient option when integrating image recognition with other cloud components.

CRE is delivered along with a web service code that is easy to install and immediately exposes CRE functionality via a RESTful HTTP API.

We also provide Python bindings that allows access to CRE’s functionality using Python language. With the bindings you can quickly build your own unique web services on top of the Image Recognition software.

Finally, we also provide access to the low level API in C/C++, in case you need to tightly integrate our Image Recognition software with your C/C++ projects.


Server Requirements

The following describes an example when deploying CRE and CWS with a database of 100,000 images:

High performance image recognition at your fingertips

Our Image Recognition software provides high speed recognition and optimized image management.


Fast round trip time

The following example estimates the round-trip time for an app running on a smartphone, connected to your servers over the Internet. We include the following steps:

  1. Sending an image of 10-15 KB to your webserver in the Internet,
  2. CRE processing (feature extraction and search),
  3. Returning a simple answer (e.g. JSON of 1KB) to the user device.

Those three steps (depending on network conditions) take approximately:


Adding images in no time

One of the specific advanced features of our Image Recognition software is adding and removing images from the database in real time while your server is up and running in production.

Our technology is capable of adding a reference image and making it available for search instantaneously (takes < 0.1 second).

In practice, this means that you don’t need to be crunching visual properties or doing extensive training before an image is ready for recognition.

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