CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition Javascript Library HTML5

With our CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition Javascript Library, you can create your own branded Web apps that run on the latest desktop browsers as well as on Android and iOS devices, with our high-performance Cloud Image Recognition capabilities inside.

This page gives you pointers to the Features; Documentation that includes the Classes, Members and Methods; the Requirements of your system to use this library; Examples; and finally, Release Notes of our continuous updates.

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The library can detect the features supported by the browser and help write web applications with Image Recognition.

Your apps can seamlessly switch between two modes:

The Image Selector:

HTML element that asks the user to select an image from the gallery, OS’s camera (by asking the user to take a picture with the device’s built in camera app) or file system.

The camera Capture:

Open the device’s camera or webcam and show the preview. This mode allows you to perform Cloud Image Recognition in two modes:

  • Single shot: Take a picture and search.
  • Finder Mode: Send continuous queries to the server until a result is found or the process is stopped programmatically.


You can find documentation for the library here


You can view live demos for each example by clicking on the buttons below. The source code of those examples is part of the library package.

For the examples that open the camera you’ll need to print the test images below to test them. For the Selector, you can just download them.





This library is designed to work with the latest HTML5 browsers. The following table shows the support for the different devices and browser versions.

OS iOS Android PC/MAC
Image Selector Google_Chrome_icon_(2011)safari

21+ iOS 7+


a 4.3 +36 +21 +


35 +21 +7 +

Camera capture & preview

Not supported


36 +21 +


35 +21 +

Also note that opening the camera from the browser requires the site to be hosted with HTTPS and a valid certificate.


April 20th, 2017